Finance Team

Conduit Borrower or Borrower (The Charter School)

With the assistance of finance team professionals, the borrower:

  • Defines the financing requirements
  • Sets and implements debt management policies and procedures of the school
  • Determines available resources for payment of principal and interest of new debt issue
  • Selects the conduit issuer and local counsel
  • Selects and manages the Municipal Advisor
  • Selects and manages the other members of the financing team jointly with the Municipal Advisor
  • Prepares the offering document
  • Determines the compensation of the financing team
  • Negotiates with the underwriter the final purchase price of the bonds with the help of the Municipal Advisor
  • Works with the Municipal Advisor to submit an application for conduit financing to the UCSFA
  • Works with the Municipal Advisor to answer any questions pertaining to the finances or operations of the school from the Authority, Authority’s Municipal Advisor, Authority’s Issuer Counsel, or Authority board members
  • Executes the bond purchase agreement with the underwriter
  • Adopts bond resolution and/or executes any trust indenture, loan agreement or other bond financing documents
  • Pays principal and interest on the bonds as they become due
  • Complies with tax and other covenants included in the bond financing documents
  • Submits continuing disclosures to the MSRB’s Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) system under the issuer’s continuing disclosure agreement